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The Research Insights area highlights recent advances in science and medicine as well as global laboratory research. Our readers gain tremendous benefit from research discoveries in an indirect manner.

Identifying cellular RNA-binding proteins during infection uncovers a role for MKRN2 in influenza mRNA trafficking

In recent years our understanding of the RNAbinding protein interactome has become significantly more informed The development of methods such as RNAinteractome capture

Zmiz1 is a Novel Regulator of Lymphatic Endothelial Cell Gene Expression and Function

Lymphatic vasculature plays a crucial role in maintaining tissue fluid homeostasis facilitating lipid absorption and conducting immune surveillance The proper establishment of a functional lymphatic system is vital for embryonic

Covar: A Generalizable Machine Learning Approach to Identify the Coordinated Regulators Driving Variational Gene Expression

The advent of highthroughput genomic data acquisition techniques has generated immense interest in the statistical and datadriven analysis of biological and biochemical interactions One such approach is network inference

A Simulation-based Comparison of Drug-drug Interaction Signal Detection Methods

Polypharmacy the use of multiple medicines has increased as the average life expectancy and the prevalence of multimorbidity has increased Adverse events caused by the administration of many drugs

A Quantitative Genetic Model of Background Selection in Humans

The continual influx of new mutations into populations is the ultimate source of all adaptations but the vast majority of mutations either do not affect fitness or are deleterious Natural selection works to eliminate these deleterious

Olaparib Not Cost-effective as Maintenance Therapy for Platinum-sensitive, BRCA1/2 Germline-mutated Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

To assess the costeffectiveness and budget impact of olaparib as a maintenance therapy in platinumresponsive metastatic pancreatic cancer patients harboring a germline BRCA mutation

Anti-prion Drugs Do Not Improve Survival in Novel Knock-in Models of Inherited Prion Disease

Prion diseases are fatal neurodegenerative diseases that uniquely occur in inherited sporadic and infectious forms All forms of prion diseases are caused by autocatalytic misfolding of the prion protein

Disulfide-constrained Peptide Scaffolds Enable a Robust Peptide-therapeutic Discovery Platform

Many natural peptides have been identified as important regulators of biological functions acting as hormones ion channels and GPCR modulators growth factors and neurotransmitters

Autoimmunity-associated Allele of Tyrosine Phosphatase Gene PTPN22 Enhances Anti-viral Immunity

Allelic variation in genes that regulate immune cell responses potentially impact an individuals response to self and foreign antigens Genome wide association studies have identified variants in immunerelated genes

An Open-source Facs Automation System for High-throughput Cell Biology

Rapid advances in CRISPRCas and other genome editing technologies are transforming our ability to engineer the properties of cells The ability to deploy these technologies at scale offers unprecedented opportunities for both research and clinical applications

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